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Overreaching On Edmond Town Hall Concerns

Published: September 21, 2017

To the Editor:

In response to Glenn Hopper’s letter concerning ETH issues (September 15, 2017 Newtown Bee), I cannot address all his comments, but I can certainly address the issue of the “cancer causing dust” in the ETH gym.
As the lead town representative for the boiler replacement project which was ongoing at the time, as a member of the Public Building and Site commission, I was onsite daily during the project. When the dust was brought to my attention, we immediately closed the gym to all personnel until proper testing could be completed. A certified testing firm was called and were onsite within the hour. Dust samples were taken from all corners of the gym as well as an adjacent store room and stairwells.

The tests revealed not one speck of asbestos fiber was discovered in any of the samples.

For the uninformed, such as Mr Hopper, asbestos fiber, while in dust form, is indistinguishable by the naked eye. It can only be determined by microscope as was done in our tests. A clean bill of health was issued and only then did cleanup proceed. It was determined that the “dust” was simple household dust that had been sucked in through old inoperative air handlers in the gym. Large exhaust fans were the culprit since corridors were closed off during the boiler project.

I don’t know how many other “issues” were the subject of overreach on Mr Hopper’s issues, but this one certainly was.


Thomas Catalina
Butterfield Road, Newtown     September 20, 2017

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