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Issues At Edmond Town Hall

Published: September 13, 2017

To the Editor:

I was working for the Edmond Town Hall for 11 years. A year or so ago I was forced to go over the new manager’s head and call OSHA concerning cancer-causing asbestos dust that was all over the gym floor. The manager wanted an employee to “mop it up.”

Sexual harassment at the Edmond Town Hall: several girls and others and myself have been complaining to management about an employee that was bothering us for three years; nothing ever done.

For ten years, I have never had a performance review for my night manager job or my projectionist job. Others, last year, got reviewed and got a raise.

The other disabled employee has been yelled at and discriminated against by the manager.

Since my complaints to management at the Edmond Town Hall, I have been harassed and been discriminated against. Other employees have been afraid to say anything, for fear of losing their jobs.

Due to complaining about sexual harassment and for calling OSHA, I lost my job.

I have been denied a grievance procedure that is in the company’s handbook by the (a) Board of Managers (b) The Town of Newtown. Shame on them for letting sexual harassment go on for three years. Shamed on them for harassing disabled people.

I hope the taxpayers or the new candidates will clean up the Edmond Town Hall and will protect the other disabled workers from harassment.

Disabled, no job, very depressed,

Glenn Hopper

Berkshire Estates, Chain Trail, Southbury         September 11, 2017

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