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Why Not Speed Tables On Every Street?

Published: November 23, 2012


    Why Not Speed Tables

    On Every Street?

    To the Editor:

    Reading the article regarding “speed tables” on Queen Street [“Queen Street To Get Permanent Speed Tables,” The Newtown Bee, 11/16/12], I have the following question:

    Why are they installing these tables on Queen Street? If this is because of speeding vehicles, then they should install them on every street. Is this a matter of the squeaky wheel getting the grease?

    I have driven on Queen Street with the temporary speed tables and they are very annoying! At night they are very dangerous, especially if you do not expect them, even though they are marked. The only positive effect is I do not use that street anymore, and I assume this will make them happy.

    What is the impact on emergency vehicles? They are not able to use this road at higher speeds to get where they are going. It could be a matter of life and death and I do not feel these speed tables are worth it. What is the added cost to install these speed tables? Is the town willing to install these on every road that is unsafe? They could be opening up a hornet’s nest. I would love the hear all these answers. Thank you.

    Phil Aquilina

    26 Whitewood Drive, Monroe                                November 16, 2012