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Vote ‘Yes’ For Charter Question, Zimmerman
By Jim Gaston

Published: October 26, 2016

To the Editor:

This election I’m happy to support both Eva Zimmerman for state representative, and the first charter question that asks voters to restore the original charter intent (approved four years ago) where “bare majority” of seven Board of Education members from one political party means four, not the new political math of five.

As many remember, four years ago the respective party spokespersons (Republican and Democrat) reported to The Newtown Bee that with the additional seventh Board of Education member the maximum number of members from one political party was four. The Newtown Charter question did not say otherwise and the Newtown voters approved the addition of the seventh member on that representation.

Unfortunately, added to the town charter was a statutory provision that declared “bare majority” was not four, but five, a strange but true “bare majority” definition.

This November 8 a vote Yes restores the original intent that “bare majority” means a maximum of four members of one political party out of seven; apolitical balance is returned to the Board of Education membership. Seems simple. With the recently returned balance of boards and commissions we have seen better working government, fewer ethics challenges, and greater civility. In short, if we choose to advance the opinions and representations of all, including independent, unaffiliated, and minority voters, we are improving education for all our children. Yes promotes apolitical education policies.

Also, I encourage you to vote for Eva Zimmerman for state representative. We need representatives who connect with Newtown issues. Eva supports small business incentives. As a 25-year-long small business owner, I have made more than 1,300 weekly payrolls. Eva understands that the majority of Connecticut business involves a thriving small business environment. She’ll focus on maintaining our largest businesses, recruiting new businesses, and not forget the small entrepreneurs.

In short, I’m with Eva. She gets it.

Please vote Yes for the Charter Question 1, and for Eva Zimmerman for state representative.

Thank you,
Jim Gaston
18 Main Street, Newtown          October 26, 2016

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