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Vote For Will And Jeff

Published: September 5, 2017

To the Editor:

Our state government has spent too much, for far too long. Now Connecticut can’t meet its fiscal obligations and our governor wants Newtown and other towns to pick up the slack, adding approximately $7 million to our town costs — and creating a huge shortfall to our present budget.

On September 12, registered Republicans will vote for the best person to lead our town in the future. Now, more than ever, we need intelligent, seasoned leadership. We need someone who can quickly step in and guide the right choices. The only candidates with all these attributes are Will Rodgers for first selectman, and his running mate, Jeff Capeci, for selectman.

Will and Jeff have more combined experience than anyone seeking these offices, from either political party. They also have the broadest skills, plus the temperaments to negotiate tough issues. Will is an attorney and retired US Marine Corps colonel. He has served as Newtown’s second selectman for the past eight years, and earlier, chaired the Legislative Council. He can detail the budget backward and forward, he is an expert on many legal issues, and has dealt with construction and various other town contracts. He also knows the people, processes, and projects underway in town departments.

Jeff is an equally experienced town leader. He served eight years on the Legislative Council (four as chairman), as chair of the recent Charter Revision Commission, and as chair of the Republican Town Committee and multiple other activities.

Will and Jeff are the team that will keep Newtown prosperous — regardless of the decisions made at the State Capitol. They’ll also do their absolute best to keep Newtown as one of the finest places to live in Connecticut. Please vote for Will and Jeff at the Republican Primary on September 12.

Dennis and Barbara Bloom
25 Philo Curtis Road, Sandy Hook         September 5, 2017

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