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Too Much Of A Good Thing

Published: April 16, 2018

To the Editor:

Although I have been a longtime advocate of creating more housing options in Newtown, I think we’re going a bit overboard. According to an April 13, 201,8 article in The Newtown Bee, we are on track to add 74 units of housing in Sandy Hook, 180 units in Hawleyville, and possibly 196 units on Church Hill Road. This is a grand total of 350 units of housing added to our current available housing stock of 150 available homes. I can only imagine the devastating effect on home prices when our current inventory goes from 150 homes to 500 homes almost over night. This is clearly too much of a good thing.

Paul D. Fadus
Broker, Paul Fadus Realty LLC
91 Church Hill Road, Newtown         April 16, 2018

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