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Tilting Information In The Right Direction

Published: September 13, 2017

To the Editor:

You do realize that the sun doesn’t tilt away from the Earth to cause our seasons, right? [Editorial Ink Drops, 9/8/17] I’ll chalk that observation up to poetic license at best, or perhaps, at worst, you truly do believe that our seasons are caused by movement of our sun relative to our planet. At a time when basic science literacy by our population is mandatory basic knowledge (and is severely lacking) I fear your comment will spread fake science, to both adults and children who don’t know the basic reason behind our annual seasons. The earth’s axis of rotation is off by about 23 degrees from straight up and down relative to our plane of revolution around the sun. So as we revolve around the sun, the two hemispheres alternate getting more direct sun light as we go through the year.

Respectfully submitted,

Rob Fisher

42A Great Ring Road, Sandy Hook        September 13, 2017

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