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The Right Man For The Job

Published: October 9, 2017

To the Editor:

It isn’t often that we see a candidate for public office whose background and professional experience so perfectly matches the qualifications for the job.

This certainly is the case with Roger Cyr, a candidate for a seat on the Board of Finance. Mr Cyr, who has undergraduate degrees in marketing and accounting and an MBA in finance, has held important corporate positions managing risk for major global banks. He has also taught economics at the university level. He understands the need for fiscal soundness and has the desire to represent and protect the Newtown taxpayers in all the financial decisions made for the town.

He believes sound fiscal planning, both short- and long-term, is essential for securing fiscal sustainability, particularly during these troubling times with state budget shortfalls.

Mr Cyr and his wife, Debby, have been residents of Newtown for 32 years. He currently co-chairs a town government subcommittee charged with consolidating the work of various town departments. (How refreshing an idea that is!)

Mr Cyr believes as stockholders represent ownership of a corporation, the citizens of Newtown effectively “own” the town. As he has managed businesses in the corporate world protecting investor interests, he would bring a wealth of knowledge and experience managing and protecting the taxpayers’ interests.

Roger Cyr makes $ense and deserves a seat on the Board of Finance.

Stephen Rosenblatt
50 Watkins Drive, Sandy Hook         October 9, 2017

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