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The Process

Published: November 23, 2012


    The Process

    To the Editor:

    Last Presidential election, the town clerk’s office issued over 1,700 absentee ballots.

    This election was not far off with over 1,500 issued in just 22 days. On Election Day at the town clerk’s office we issued over 150 Presidential ballots. This process is very time-consuming and requires that we:

    We must verify proof of residence

    Login to the Connecticut Voter Registry System (CVRS) to verify that they are not registered anywhere else in the state.

    Once they are cleared we hand them a legal-size application to fill out and review it after to make sure it is filled out properly. 

    We then take that information and transfer it onto their ballot set, which includes two more forms that must be filled out.

    Instruct how to properly seal their ballot with form and ballot inside, otherwise their vote will be rejected and not counted on Election Day when opened.

    Once the voter returns their sealed ballot their information is put into a spreadsheet which contains name, address, district, ballot serial number, date issued, date received, which

    Then is reconciled before turning it over to the registrars after the polls close.

    It has been a very busy election year for Newtown with five referendums, a presidential primary, and a state primary and topped off with a Presidential election, and I want to thank my assistants Monica Duhancik, Renee Weimann, and Aileen Nosal for their hard work, dedication, and conscientiousness throughout this process.

    Debbie A, Aurelia, CCTC, CMC

    Town Clerk

    3 Primrose Street,  Newtown                                November 19, 2012