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The Old Makes Way For The New

Published: May 22, 2018

It was not the result of the May 15 storm that reduced other homes to rubble that had big machinery this week tearing down a familiar structure near the intersection of Glover Avenue and Main Street. A planned demolition was underway Monday, May 21, on the historic Strasburger house at 4 Glover Avenue, one of Newtown’s early homes, according to former owner Russell Strasburger, Jr.

In the early 1930s, according to Mr Strasburger, Jr, his grandfather and a partner purchased the house, and it was turned into a two-family dwelling, which it remained until recent days.

He recently sold the house to his son, Russell Strasburger III and his wife, Heather.

On Monday, Ms Strasburger noted that the original section of the house was built in the 1700s.

Ms Strasburger said that she and her husband had hoped to return the building to a one-family home when they bought it earlier this year. Due to damage caused by the passage of time, the presence of asbestos, and other environmental issues, they determined it would not be cost effective to do so.

The whole structure will be taken down, said Ms Strasburger “and we will rebuild a similar, one-family [house]; a Greek Revival farmhouse.” Sandy Hook architect Jonathan Kost is designing the new home, which will be set back a bit from the original footprint.

They plan also to revive the apple orchard originally planted in the 1930s, of which several trees still survive.

Currently Woodbury residents, she and her husband were raised in town.

“It’s a beautiful property in the center of town. We are thrilled to be coming back to Newtown,” said Ms Strasburger. Hopefully, she added, the house will be ready for them to move into by Christmas.

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