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Sweet Mango Asian Restaurant & Bar

Published: August 11, 2017

Serving up a menu that features the cuisines of China, Japan, and Thailand, Sweet Mango in Newtown’s Plaza South is also known for its sushi bar, run by an experienced kitchen staff. Having skilled food experts is very important to the restaurant and can be seen in the quality of food prepared, said owner Jason Chen. Opened in 2011, Sweet Mango attracts customers from Newtown and surrounding towns.

The foyer to Sweet Mango Asian Restaurant & Bar is a floor-to-ceiling, six-sided glass tower that allows customers a full view of the bar area and dining area. Inside, earth tones of green and gold provide a serene atmosphere, and a curved wall above the upholstered booths is splashed with starry silver and gold shapes that hint of the heavens.

The 72-seat main dining room is set off from the bar area situated immediately beyond the foyer. Watch the sushi chef in action, seated at the six-seat sushi bar, and ponder the Chinese poem inscribed on the mirrored wall that separates the main kitchen from the dining room. In warmer weather, an additional 20 customers can enjoy dining on the patio adjacent to the dining room and bar. The restaurant is also a gathering place for after work and before dinner drinks. The polished granite bar seats 15 customers, with additional duet tables placed next to the front windows.

Sweet Mango does not use MSG in any recipe, gluten-free soy sauce is available, and chicken dishes feature only white meat. The restaurant does not use peanut oil for frying. Sauces are tailored to suit the customers’ requests — not too spicy, not too sweet, not too salty.

Sweet Mango is happy to help customers prepare for any event. Party trays (choose four kinds of fried rice, lo mein, chicken, beef, or shrimp options per tray) are available for delivery to home or office, or customers can pick-up. Sushi classic maki rolls are available in trays of 10, 15, or 20, serving approximately five people per ten rolls. Call in the morning for an afternoon event. At least one day’s notice is requested for very large parties.

Several popular dishes feature the restaurant’s namesake — the mango. Along with the many other flavors of Asia, Sweet Mango gives area diners reasons to return again and again.

A Sample of the Menu:

Appetizers: Sweet Mango’s BBQ Thai spare short ribs uses a special sauce that customers love. It is $8.95 for four pieces.

Soup: Nine soups daily, including the seafood soup for two. It consists of a variety of seafood, including shrimp and scallops, and it is made with egg whites.

Salad: The seafood salad, for $10.99, is one of more than half-a-dozen salads on the menu. It is made of octopus, shrimp, kani, cucumber, and tobiko with a spicy mayo sauce.

Sushi: Fourteen sushi entrees tempt diners; one being the Chirashi dish of assorted raw fish on a bed of rice. There are also ten different sushi appetizers. The tuna dumpling appetizer comprises lobster salad, avocado, and a crunchy wrap with tuna for $11.95.

Hand Rolls and Special Rolls: The Butterfly Effect roll has steamed lobster, cucumber, and avocado wrapped with soybean paper tobiko with a mango on top. The Angry Dragon roll has spicy shrimp, jalapeno inside king crab, and a pine nut sweet sauce on top. Each is $14.95.

Entrees: The Sushi Chef’s Special (A) is made for one person, while Sushi Chef’s Special (B) is designed for two people to enjoy. Special (A) includes a caterpillar roll, spicy tuna roll, two salmon skin hand rolls, and 12 pieces of sushi. Special (B) consists of a rainbow roll, shrimp tempura roll, two spicy tuna hand roll, 12 pieces of sashimi, and eight pieces of sushi.

Dessert: The Dream Bomba is caramel surrounded by peanut butter gelato, coated in milk chocolate, and decorated with peanut butter drizzle for $4.50.

Bar: A full bar with many specialty drinks, including Sweet Mango’s Strawberry Mojitos made with fresh strawberries. Special menu in the bar on Thursday evenings.

Prices: The restaurant offers lunch specials, Monday through Saturday, from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. Sunday through Thursday, an in-house-only fixed price menu allows diners to select from the Chinese or Japanese menu for $19.99. The Asian lunch provide several options, ranging in price from $7.75 to $8.55. The sushi bar lunch ranges in price from $9 to $16. Teriyaki or tempura bento box comes with miso soup, a California roll, Japanese dumpling, and rice, for $11.

Sweet Mango Asian Restaurant and Bar, 266 South Main Street, Newtown, is open Monday through Thursday, 11 am to 9:30 pm; Friday and Saturday, 11 am to 10:30 pm; and Sunday, noon to 9:30 pm. Delivery available on orders over $20. For information, takeout, or to make a reservation, call 203-270-3737 or 203-270-3727.

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