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Summer Begins For Day Campers

Published: July 7, 2018

Newtown Parks & Recreation Assistant Director of Recreation Rose Ann Reggiano is excited for the upcoming summer weeks.

Parks & Recreation day camps at Dickinson Memorial Park and Treadwell Memorial Park started on June 27 rather than June 25, as planned prior to school cancellations, and Ms Reggiano said, “We hit the ground running.”

Parents have shared positive responses with her since the day camps began, and the first half-week of the camps went well. Ms Reggiano said she hopes the summer is a safe and fun one for everyone involved in the camps.

At Treadwell Memorial Park, Camp Director Chris Browne spent a portion of his morning on June 29 playing volleyball with campers and camp counselors. This year, Mr Browne said there will be more themed days and more trips for campers. A new program is also offered this summer for 13-year-olds.

Ms Reggiano said parents can sign their children up for all seven weeks of camps or weekly. Dickinson Day Camp and the Treadwell Day Camp run through August 10.

More information about the day camps is available on the Newtown Parks & Recreation website,

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