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Substance And Experience

Published: October 31, 2017

To the Editor:

As we finish up a tumultuous Connecticut state budget process in which our communities were confronted with a draconian executive order cut to municipal and educational funding, experience in governing and advocacy for Newtown has never been more important and Will Rodgers, as a member of Board of Selectmen, has demonstrated that he can lead to spare Newtown from the governor’s devastating cuts.

As state senator for Newtown, I appreciate the constant and insightful presence of Selectman Will Rodgers and First Selectman Pat Llodra in keeping me informed of the true consequences/impact of the proposed municipal and educational cuts to our residents and children. Rodgers moves away from short-sighted political bickering and focuses on the long term viability of Newtown to maintain the highest standard of excellence that is expected in our community. Rodgers communicates, educates, and encourages us to make sure our diverse state delegation members have all the details and information we need to advocate for our community in Hartford. Simply put, Will Rodgers is a true leader and a relentless champion for the people and values of Newtown.

Will Rodgers’s experience in governing and his integrity, both personal and political, were instrumental to representing our community in state budget debates. Rodgers had tremendous influence in the successful outcome of the bipartisan compromise budget passed by the Connecticut General Assembly last week. His thoughtful, respectful, and passionate advocacy for the values and priorities of his community allowed him to recognize the greater need for a solution to help all Connecticut residents. Rodgers has established the valued and demonstrated success of experience and governing substance as compared to the well-intentioned but unproven suggestions of political change and sizzle.

I have known Will and Moira Rodgers for many years, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that both of them are the “real deal.” Will has maintained the highest standard of services in military, small business, nonprofit volunteerism, and 20-plus years of Newtown government service on multiple boards, Legislative Council, and Board of Selectmen. Experience, substance, and excellence matter, and he has demonstrated his worth 100 times over to Newtown.

We need this caliber of town leadership now more than ever in Newtown. Please vote on November 7 and support Will Rodgers for first selectman.

State Senator Tony Hwang
Connecticut General Assembly, 28th State Senate District
80 Martingale Lane, Fairfield         October 31, 2017

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