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State Of “Our” Union

Published: May 16, 2017

To the Editor:

A Washington newspaper declares that President Trump revealed classified information to the Russians, and like mad dogs the press leaps on it to the exclusion of any other news.

Since this decade’s Deep Throat hasn’t been revealed, couldn’t anyone, anywhere, opposed to the President have made that call?

The Democrats oppose the health care plan proposed by the Republicans, as they do with everything else the Republicans propose. Wouldn’t it make sense for the Democrats to sit down with the Republicans and draft something acceptable to all, rather than to leave things in limbo for what will be months?

It’s not rocket science.

Month after month we read and hear that the Russians interfered with the election. They didn’t call me. I must be on their no call list.

And the list goes on.

The world is in worse shape than it has ever been.

It’s time we chuck our parties and get together solely as Americans. It would restore our importance everywhere in the world — an importance we have lost for too many years.

I write this solely as an Independent, but as an Independent, I believe that President Trump has accomplished more in these few months restoring our importance in the world than Obama and Bush combined.

Richard Cole
72 Main Street, Newtown         May 16, 2017

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