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So Far, Yet So Close

Published: March 15, 2017

To the Editor:

Recently, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I had an unexpected occurrence. The documentary Newtown was being screened nearby. A few phone calls and I was there. Since I recently relocated from my Newtown home of 40-plus years, you can imagine my feelings.

I was welcomed by Jeremy Nye, operations director of IFSC ( Independent Film Society of Colorado), Steve Mack, community liaison, and Carlo Maldonado, creative director. Steve explained the goal of IFSC, which is a local nonprofit organization at the Tim Gill Center for Public Media, which supports independent film makers.

Newtown is the result of a few years of intense preparation and time spent in Newtown by Kim A. Snyder.

I sat down with an audience of 25 members and viewed this documentary. Memories surfaced as I witnessed my hometown, where I had spent years raising my family, volunteering, and participating in whatever we could during those years of family growth. The event of 12/14/12 is forever etched in my mind. So, I sat with strangers —1,400 miles away — witnessing a film of my past life affiliation. It is composed of factual observation and interviews. It introduces the audience to a unique perception of Newtown.

Following the film, I was requested to comment and take questions. I did. I was surprisingly composed as I shared the beauty of the people of Newtown. I felt a purpose of being there, since not a member of the audience had ever been to Newtown. I was able to spread the good news regarding the evolvement of love, kindness, concern, and volunteerism that comprises the aftermath of the 12/14 event.

In fact, the casual talk at the end of the evening brought me closer to home as one man explained that his son converts guns to tools. His business motto: Disarm Hearts Forge Peace: Raw Tools, Inc.

As I remember this evening in March, I am grateful to share with others my love and respect for Newtown and its people.

I may be far away, but will always be close.

Lorraine Hurley
2527 Freedom Heights, Colorado Springs, Colo.         March 14, 2017

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