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‘Sleeping Beauty’ Focus Of This Summer’s Dance Camp

Published: August 12, 2017

As young girls pretended to sleep, then wake, the Little Dance Company owner Maureen Capalbo offered instructions and directions on July 28, the final day of the weeklong Newtown Parks & Recreation Dance Camp.

The girls were rehearsing a ballet rendition of Sleeping Beauty, and Ms Capalbo said the girls had been preparing all week. Parks & Recreation’s Dance Camp was open to children between 4 and 9 years old.

“They spent the whole week doing the Sleeping Beauty story,” Ms Capalbo said, explaining that the girls explored the story, the characters, and the dance.

Ms Capalbo said the Little Dance Company specializes in teaching younger students the basics of dance and instills a love of dancing.

The girls were free to interpret the story, Ms Capalbo said, adding that the week of Dance Camp with Parks & Recreation is one of her favorite weeks of the year.
“It’s a fun, fun week,” she said.

Renee Neves and Molly Capalbo, Ms Capalbo’s daughter, helped instruct the students throughout the week.

The campers also did arts and crafts during the week of camp. Ms Capalbo said the girls made their own wands, crowns, and more, all in the theme of Sleeping Beauty.

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