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Senior Center Sunflower Mural In The Making

Published: June 10, 2018

Andy Hutchison

Volunteers went to the gymnasium at Edmond Town Hall to participate in late-May workshops, piecing together a mural that will be a permanent work of art in the new senior center at Fairfield Hills.
“It was a real team effort. Everybody’s really excited about it,” said John Boccuzzi, Sr, who serves on the Commission on Aging, is the chairman of the Friends of Newtown Seniors, and received the $4,000 state-funded grant through the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut for the mural project.

“Up to 15 people at a time worked on it, and actually, people came from other towns, which we didn’t expect,” Mr Boccuzzi said.

The mural consists of three panels, each three feet wide by five feet high, with a sunflower pattern, as voted on by seniors and designed by Joanne and Bruce Hunter of the Danbury-based The Art Spot. The Hunters were on hand to help put the mural together, and said those who pitched in enjoyed the experience.

“I think many of them were a little surprised at how beautiful they turned out,” Mr Boccuzzi said of the volunteers’ reaction to the near-completion of the three panels on the morning of May 31.

Several possible locations within the new senior center to house the mural are being discussed, Mr Boccuzzi said.

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