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Seduced By Convenience

Published: April 21, 2017

To The Editor:

I learned this from Reuters Technology News: Bose Corporation spies on customers using its wireless headphones who download its Bose Connect app to their smartphones. This app tracks all their audio choices, and Bose thereafter sells this information to third-party merchandisers, without obtaining permission to do so.

This is only one of many surreptitious invasions by device manufacturers to track customer preferences and boost the corporate bottom line.

Everybody out there, living in love with your devices, you are playing the oligarchy’s game and should know it. Do without some of these portals to your behaviors. You lived without them five/ten years ago; limit them now.

You are being seduced by “convenience,” and “big brothers” with dollar bills for eyes are watching you… and their uncle by the name of “Sam” is, too.

A bill introduced by an Arizona GOP congressman to remove the ban on internet providers who are selling their knowledge of sites you visit, without your permission, recently passed both houses of Congress (by a narrow margin in both) and was signed into law by Trump six days later… just a couple of weeks ago.

Polly Brody
218-B Heritage Village, Southbury         April 21, 2017
Editor’s note: Ms Brody, a published poet, was a longtime resident of Newtown.

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