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Seabrook Promoted To Sergeant At Newtown Police Department

Published: November 28, 2016

Liam Seabrook, 32, an officer who joined the Newtown Police Department in the summer of 2007, said he is looking forward to working in a supervisory role at the law enforcement agency when he soon assumes the rank of sergeant.

On November 15, after interviewing three candidates for the position, the Police Commission unanimously named Ofc Seabrook to the post of sergeant. The promotion is slated to take effect in January, simultaneously with the promotions of two other officers to the ranks of lieutenant and captain.

Since September 2014, Ofc Seabrook has served as the police department’s school resource officer at Newtown High School. In that post, he conducted several complex probes into criminal activity, which led to arrests and prosecutions. Such probes often concern sexual assaults and child abuse cases.

Conducting lengthy, sensitive investigations helps a person develop investigative skills, he said. School resource officers are attached to the police department’s detective unit.

Serving as a school resource officer has aided him in learning about the community relations aspect of police work, Ofc Seabrook said. Also, working as a resource officer provides a person with a broader base of experience than working as a patrol officer, he noted.

Initially a patrol officer, Ofc Seabrook later served as the town police department’s representative on the state police’s Statewide Narcotic Task Force, a group of police officers from across the state who conduct undercover drug investigations.

When he assumes the post of sergeant early next year, he will spend a few weeks in field training, learning the various tasks required of patrol sergeant, Ofc Seabrook said.

“We have a lot of good people here,” Ofc Seabrook said of the police department’s membership. “I look forward to working as a team” with other officers, he added.

Ofc Seabrook served in the US Air Force for four years, with an assignment in South Korea. He specialized in radio communications while in the Air Force. He later joined the National Guard and served in Iraq.

Having been in the military has provided him with a good grounding for working in the field of law enforcement, Ofc Seabrook said.

To stay in good physical shape Ofc Seabrook likes to workout. Also, Ofc Seabrook, who is married, said he spends free time making home improvements.

“The town of Newtown and its citizens will be well served by the experience and abilities that Officer Seabrook will bring” to his role as sergeant, Police Chief James Viadero said.

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