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Schools Celebrate The 100th Day Of School

Published: February 10, 2018

Across the school district students and staff celebrated the 100th day of the 2017-18 school year on February 5, in a number of ways.

At Sandy Hook Elementary School, first graders marched down the main hallway to display vests decorated with 100 items. Teachers also participated in the parade, and students in other grades lined up on the side of the hallway to cheer for their fellow students. Some students held their hands out to give the first graders high-fives as they passed.

The day was also a culmination of Sandy Hook School’s annual food drive, which challenged each grade level at the school to collect at least 100 items to donate to FAITH Food Pantry. Math/science specialist Kris Feda oversaw the collection, and she said each grade surpassed the goal of collecting 100 items. The school collected 960 items, and the first grade collected the most items, 210.
Ms Feda said first grade classes also participated in math, writing, and reading craft activities focused on celebrating the number 100.

At Middle Gate Elementary School a multipurpose room was filled with projects on display. Math/science specialist Jill Bracksieck said each grade level at the school participated in making the projects. Students were challenged to make a display or creation using 100 items. Some students made signs, like one that was decorated with heart-shaped stickers and read “100 days of 1st grade and loving it!” Other students made animals or other objects. One project used feathers to create a peacock, and another project used pipe cleaners to create a porcupine.

Ms Bracksieck said February 5 classroom activities across the school were also focused on celebrating the day.

Hawley Elementary School students also celebrated the day in classes. Some wore crowns and some participated in writing projects.

At Head O’ Meadow Elementary School, kindergarten students made hats created from ten strips of paper with ten dots decorating each strip.

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