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School Awards Assemblies Introduce CHB Summer Reading Program

Published: July 6, 2018

Both Hawley Elementary School and Middle Gate Elementary School held assemblies on June 21 that highlighted C.H. Booth Library’s Summer Reading Program for children.

State senator for Connecticut’s 28th District Tony Hwang attended both assemblies as the library’s 2018 Summer Reading Champion, and President and CEO of Ingersoll Automotive Todd Ingersoll presented a check at Hawley’s assembly that will be used to fund the prizes for this year’s reading program.

Hawley’s assembly was also the school’s end of the year assembly. Students were honored at the event for participating in different school programs and activities throughout the 2017-18 school year.

As explained by C.H. Booth Library Children’s Librarian Alana Bennison, this year’s Summer Reading Program is challenging students to complete Bingo cards. Each space on the card will have its own “challenge,” like reading a book from a certain genre. After having each completed square of a card signed by an adult and having the completed Bingo card approved by library staff, children will earn a raffle ticket to enter for a chance to win one of 20 different prizes, all paid for by Ingersoll Auto of Danbury.

Prize items available through the raffle include a coding game, a quadcopter drone with a camera, Lego kits, and a Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition.

Senator Hwang told the students at the Hawley assembly that the library’s Summer Reading Program is about interacting with friends and family while learning.

According to a library press release, Senator Hwang also spoke about the Summer Reading Program with Sandy Hook Elementary School students on June 25.

The 2018 Summer Reading Library Program theme is “Libraries Rock!,” and the C.H. Booth Library is participating in a nationwide effort that offers a comprehensive array of resources for Newtown’s youngest readers to use all summer long, including fun and educational programs, book lists, posters, and activities, according to the library.

Middle Gate Elementary School took the 2018 theme to heart. The school held two assemblies on June 21 to excite students about getting involved in the summer reading program and continuing to learn throughout the summer by practicing their reading and math skills.

As students entered for the second assembly, Language Arts Consultant Lina Silveira and Math/Science Specialist Jill Bracksieck were rocking out with guitars as music played over the speaker. They wore sunglasses, and they danced about while welcoming students to the assembly.

Once all of the third and fourth grade students were seated, Ms Silveira said, “Middle Gate, are you ready to have a rockin’ summer?”

Students clapped as the educating rock stars told the students to continue learning over the summer by practicing their math and reading skills. Ms Silveira also told the students to visit C.H. Booth Library to participate in the Summer Reading Program.

C.H. Booth Library Young Adult Librarian Abbey Lynch told the students that by participating in the program “you will be reading all summer long.”

Fresh from visiting Hawley, Senator Hwang said the students can visit the library to pick up a book.

“A book travels really well, and it doesn’t need electricity,” the senator said, adding that the students can bring books with them to their summer outings. “… When you have a free moment, take [your book] out and read it for fun.”

That was when office clerk Cindy Aponte strolled between students to stand near the front of the assembly with Ms Silveira and Ms Bracksieck. Justin Timberlake’s song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” began playing, and Ms Aponte started to dance. Educator after educator began joining her on the dance floor, and eventually all of the assembled students stood to dance. Everyone clapped along, including Senator Hwang.

After the dance, Ms Silveira told the students that the educators had practiced to make their dance moves perfect. Many things in life require dedication and practice, she said, urging the students to practice their math and reading skills over the summer.

“If you do practice, believe me, you will get better,” said Ms Silveira.

Ms Bennison said Bingo cards for the library’s Summer Reading Program are available at the library.

More information about the library’s reading program is also available on its website,

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