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Reminder: Submit Official Photos Of Local Veterans To NMS By October 11

Published: October 6, 2017

Newtown Middle School is seeking official pictures of local veterans to be turned into portraits by students in time for a Veterans Day assembly at the school in November. The deadline to submit pictures is October 11.

Art teachers Leigh Anne Coles and Kristen Ladue are coordinating the effort. According to Ms Coles, seventh grade art enrichment students will be assigned to create portraits of the veterans from the submitted photographs.

The students are learning a gridding method to create the portraits, Ms Coles explained.

The school is looking for an official portrait of local veterans in uniform (shoulders up). Pictures of veterans who have passed away and pictures of active servicemembers will are also welcome for the effort. Digital copies are preferred, but hard copies can be scanned and the original will be returned. The school also needs the name of the veteran in the picture and contact information to reach the person who dropped off the picture.

To complete the project the school needs 26 to 30 photographs. If they receive more submissions, they will save them for a following year. The school project will begin by honoring veterans in town, initially, but if the project is successful it will expand its scope in the future.

All questions/photos can be e-mailed to Pictures and contact information can also be dropped off at the school, 11 Queen Street, with the main office or security guard at the entrance when the school is open.

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