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Relocation Drill At NMS Set For April 11

Published: March 16, 2018

This story has been updated to reflect information about a Newtown Emergency Communications Center future announcement.

A drill to relocate students from Newtown Middle School to the NYA Sports & Fitness Center on the Fairfield Hills campus will be conducted between 8 am and noon on April 11, and the school district’s Director of Security Mark Pompano wants parents to know not to be alarmed when they see flashing lights or the drill in action that day.

Mr Pompano explained the drill will include practicing scan procedures for a controlled evacuation. Only students and parents who have volunteered to take part in the drill will be involved, and more NMS student and parent pairs are being sought to volunteer for the day. Parents interested in signing up with their NMS student to participate can e-mail Mr Pompano at Mr Pompano said 50 student and parent volunteer pairs are needed to conduct the drill.

The Newtown Police Department and the Newtown Emergency Communications Center will also be conducting the drill along with the school district. Mr Pompano said the police will have vehicles with flashing lights at the school for the event.

“It’s a drill. It is planned. It’s controlled, and its primary focus is the reunification process,” said Mr Pompano.

According to Mr Pompano, the Newtown Emergency Communications Center will be putting out a “General Code Red For A Specific Section of Town” prior to the actual date of the drill, in order to notify community members in proximity of NMS of the actual drill date/time.

While he did not share details about what the drill scenario will be, Mr Pompano said it is not an “active shooter” drill.

Practice events like the one planned for April 11 are part of the district’s ongoing process to improve safety in the Newtown Public Schools, Mr Pompano said.

The drill will be conducted during a school day, but Mr Pompano said it will be quick and students who have not volunteered with a parent will not be involved.

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