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Regulations Are Being Disregarded

Published: February 28, 2018

To the Editor:

Are all the Planing and Zoning regulations being disregarded? Hunters Ridge is the most ridiculous proposal yet. The amount of traffic that is presently being handled by Church Hill Road, a two-lane roadway, barley suffices.

Sure there are periods of the day when traveling on it isn’t bad, but often times it gets bad. This is especially true when I-84 is backed up, which is much too often.

The idea that a traffic light at Walnut tree Hill will solve the problem is outright stupid.

With the project already started on Edmond Road they will more than likely have to install a traffic light there too.

So we’ll be subjected to a stuttering of traffic lights. How many of us often cheat and pass through an orange light when we should have stopped? It doesn’t take a great imagination to see the gridlock that could easily develop.

Which brings me back to what happened to the P&Z regs? A very serious consideration was health and safety for any subdivision proposal.

Will emergency vehicles have easy access if needed either in the proposed tenement housing or any other area where emergency vehicles might be needed to travel that route?

Health and safety is reason enough to disregard any possibility of accepting in whole or in part Hunters Ridge.

The quality of life had always been what Newtown was all about.

George Arfaras
Great Ring Road, Newtown     February 27, 2018

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