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Reed Students Learn Through Lunch

Published: February 3, 2018

Reed Intermediate School’s Counseling Office oversaw the annual Lunch and Learn event for students on January 23, when professionals visited the school to discuss their careers while students ate lunch.

Counselors Jenny Grustas, Amy McGoldrick, and Jen Welton organized the event. Ms Welton said this was Reed’s fifth year holding the program. Ms Welton said the Lunch and Learn program is “one of our career development events for students.”

Presentations were offered in morning and afternoon sessions.

According to the school, Research psychologist Dr Neil Chaudhary, business executive Newman Rochester, Marine pilot Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Massett, realtor Stephanie Barnes, Lucasfilm Senior DevOps Engineer Brian Jackson, environment biologist Dr Jennifer Klug, and Peter Licata, who works for the FBI, all spoke before students.

Students were quick to answer questions from Col Massett during his presentation. Col Massett explained that liking sports and doing well in both science and math helped him in his career as a Marine pilot.

In another classroom, at the same time, Dr Chaudhary discussed what research psychologists do before describing his job.

“It’s really the study of behavior,” Dr Chaudhary explained.

In another classroom, Mr Jackson was sharing examples of augmented reality and virtual reality. He also discussed how his childhood dream of working with computer graphics — a dream inspired by the movie Jurassic Park — led him to working and loving his job at Lucasfilm. After watching video examples of augmented reality and virtual reality, Mr Jackson led the students in testing products, like an Oculus Rift virtual reality system. Students took turns wearing the Oculus Rift and using touch controllers while other students watched what the student did on a computer screen. The program, Mr Jackson explained, had the students experience repairing Star Wars droids.

Another session of the Lunch and Learn program is scheduled for February 6.

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