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Reed Hosts ‘TAGtivities’ To Offer New Lessons For Students

Published: November 18, 2017

While students in one classroom were learning how to make beaded jewelry, other Reed Intermediate School students were playing Cornhole in a hallway on November 1, for the school’s first TAG (Team Across Grades) Day of the school year.

Teachers oversaw different activities at the end of the school day, called “TAGtivities.” The school’s second TAG Day was held on November 17.

According to Reed Assistant Principal Jill Bontatibus Beaudry, the event was coordinated by the school’s Safe School Climate Committee.

Principal Anne Uberti said teachers chose to oversee activities that they are interested in, “and I think that is what makes it exciting.” Students signed up to participate in the activity they were drawn to. Ms Uberti said the days offer students a chance to meet new teachers and interact with teachers in new ways.

In one classroom, teachers Holly Bartlett and MaryEllen Nasinka teamed up to oversee a “Creature Feature Cooking” lesson. Students rotated through different stations to create different snacks inspired by “creatures,” like spiders made from Oreo cookies and pretzels.
In another classroom — under the direction of Karen King, Pam Kohn, and Peggy Kennedy — students made sandwiches, desserts, and placemats for the Dorothy Day Hospitality House in Danbury.

In the “Fun With Snap Circuits, Legos, and Coloring” room students worked to build different things with Legos and used Snap Circuits to make the creations move. Sixth grader Michael Berry and fifth grader Nicholas Oliveira worked together to create a boat that could hold pennies. The TAGtivity was overseen by Jess Fonovic and Induk Song.

For the “Hands on History,” run by Evelyn Nash and Jess O’Connell, students were tasked with playing detectives. A number of old items, collected from Ms Nash and Ms O’Connell’s private collections, were placed on a table. Students had to guess what the items were used for. They could pick up the items and interact with them, and computers were available for students to research their ideas. One item was an old jar opener and another was a candy jar.

Teacher Carrie Usher said she was sharing her former career as a jewelry designer with the students in the “Beading” TAGtivity room. Ms Usher worked with students to create beaded necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Down one school hallway, teams of students took turns playing Cornhole under the guidance of Lara Brown and Kelly Marcoux.

Other TAGtivities included cycling, improvisational acting, knitting, painting, rock painting, and creating “recycled wonders.”

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