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Re-elect Knapp To Legislative Council

Published: November 1, 2017

To the Editor:

Ryan Knapp has deep roots in our community and serves to give back. He puts in countless hours going above and beyond the two meetings a month because he believes in Newtown and wants to see it succeed, to be everything it can be and remain affordable; to see the most value achieved from each of our tax dollars.

I know Ryan is in this for the right reasons. He is not motivated by a single issue or what is best for him, but what is best for Newtown. Ryan has a knack for seeing things from other people’s perspectives and understanding their concerns. He is a hard worker and an objective thinker.

November 7, please re-elect Ryan Knapp to the Legislative Council.

Steve Marks
3 Sweet Meadow Road, Newtown         November 1, 2017

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