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Popular Actor Returns To Senior Center

Published: January 19, 2007


    Popular Actor Returns To Senior Center

    Richard Clark, a 30-year veteran of the acting profession who has appeared in many regional theaters across New England, returned Tuesday, January 16, to the Newtown Senior Center on Riverside Road for a one-man performance of  Clarence Darrow. Mr Clark has previously presented his other one-man shows, Mark Twain and John Barrymore at the senior center. Tuesday’s performance drew more than three dozen center members, eagerly awaiting the engaging actor’s presentation.

    Dorothy and Dick Lambert of Newtown have seen Mr Clark several times. “He’s a terrific actor,” said Mrs Lambert. Mr Lambert added that the actor has the ability to “breathe life into performance. We should use the opportunities offered us by the inspirational moments to continue to energize us when we leave a performance.”

    Mr Clark’s performance on Tuesday highlighted the life of renowned attorney Clarence Darrow, born in 1857. Taking on the persona of the litigator who fought for the underdog in the early 20th Century, Mr Clark led the audience with wit and humor through some of Clarence Darrow’s more prominent cases. These included his efforts in the Haymarket bombing case in Chicago in 1886, his defense of two University of Chicago students who had confessed to the thrill killing of a 14-year-old boy, and the landmark Scopes trial in which a Tennessee teacher had been convicted for teaching evolution in the classroom.

    Mr Clark presents his programs focused on historical characters to schools, libraries, community organizations, clubs and retirement communities all over New England. His performance of Clarence Darrow, as with his other Newtown Senior Center performances, was well received by the appreciative audience.