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Police Commissioner Candidate, Scott Cicciari

Published: October 18, 2017

To the Editor:

As a Newtown resident and town employee for 16 years, I have met thousands of people. Very few have the heart, morals, and generosity as does Scott Cicciari. I offer my sincere support for Scott Cicciari on November 7 as Police Commissioner. I have created the following “Want Ad” to present just a snippet of Scott’s experience.

Police Commission seeking a candidate to join a winning team. Candidate prerequisites: successful business executive experience, town committee experience (Municipal Buildings Strategic Plan Advisory Committee), community volunteer (co-creator of the Sandy Hook Arcade Center, Newtown Police Building Fund), Citizen Police Academy graduate, Advanced EMT for more than 20 years (Stamford), family man, and loving husband. This candidate must also be dedicated to the community and its law enforcement members under the color of law.

As a person, Scott would give you the shirt off his back. He would then go buy another shirt and give that one to someone he doesn’t even know. Over the years, Scott has quietly given without regard or recognition to the Newtown Police Department and the community. He selflessly gathered donors to bring current technology into the police department’s training room, dispatch center, and Edmond Town Hall Theatre. In 2013, he and a neighbor created the Sandy Hook Arcade Center for the entire community to enjoy for free. His accolades and credentials continue all in the support of our community.

Please vote for Scott Cicciari as Police Commissioner on November 7.

Dave Kullgren
3 Main Street, Newtown         October 14, 2017

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