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Pirate Day At Treadwell Day Camp

Published: July 30, 2017

Campers attending day camp at Treadwell Memorial Park through Newtown Parks & Recreation on July 21 wore bandanas, eye patches, and other costume pieces for Pirate Day.

When asked why the day camp was holding Pirate Day, Assistant Site Director Brittany Cologna said, “To make it a little bit more exciting for the kids. They like to dress up; so to make them excited for camp.”

When asked the same question, Site Director Chris Browne said, “I like pirates. Everyone likes pirates.”

Some campers wore costumes for the day, others held plastic swords or used plastic hooks for hands.

Mr Browne said some of the older campers created their own scavenger hunt as a special activity for the day. The girls searched for “gold doubloons.” Music from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies was also played throughout the day, according to Mr Browne.

After lunch, campers and counselors participated in a water balloon fight that Mr Browne called “glorious pirate combat.”

To prepare the students for the water balloon fight after lunch, Mr Browne walked between campers holding a black flag with a skull and crossbones.

“Swab the deck. Batten down the hatches,” he told campers as they cleaned up after lunch.

Soon campers were running across a field at Treadwell, slinging water balloons at each other and counselors.

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