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‘Photos From The Newtown Fruit Trail’

Published: December 9, 2016

“Photographs From Newtown Fruit Trail,” a collection of images created by George Duncan, is on view at Newtown Municipal Center through December 30.

The collection follows the creation of The Newtown Fruit Trail at Fairfield Hills, a project created by Newtown native Andrew Mangold and endorsed by Fairfield Hills Authority and the town’s Parks & Recreation Commission.

Started in the spring of 2016, the planting was finished by June of this year by volunteers under the supervision of Mr Mangold. The edible ecological plants follow the length of Newtown’s new walking trail.

“Planting in the mud and creating beauty,” Mr Duncan said. “They gave this to the community. These pictures are what I am giving to the community.”

The exhibition includes photos of volunteers as well as images that reflect what it meant to be part of the project. A favorite of Mr Duncan’s is one of Mr Mangold working with a young boy who happened to stop by the project near the end of a work session.

“The day I shot this picture,” said Mr Duncan, “I was just shooting Andrew at work until the light was gone. Just as I was about to leave, this little kid, Gavin, appears on his bicycle.

“Andrew invited him to help. The smile on Andrew’s face, the little boy’s enjoying helping… it was as if everything had come symbolically full circle.”

Newtown Municipal Center exhibitions are presented in the main hallway of the town’s office building. Located at 3 Primrose Street, the building regularly can be visited weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm. There is occasional evening access to the building when town meetings are conducted.

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