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One Candidate Above The Others

Published: November 1, 2017

To the Editor:

This year we have an important decision to make at the top of the ticket. While all three candidates are willing and nice guys I would gladly have dinner with, I believe one candidate stands above the others in terms of his experience and ideas — Selectman Will Rodgers.

A selectman for the past eight years, Will has been Pat Llodra’s running mate since 2009. They have many accomplishments to hang their hats on, but we should always be striving for better. Spending time with Will the past few months, I believe he and I are share many ideas on ways we can improve going forward and build on their accomplishments.

Communication is an area we have discussed at length, and in 2017 we should be using every avenue possible to reach voters. From social media to group discussions, they are all on the table for Will.

Will has been part of the administration that has rebranded Newtown as “open for business” and we have seen solid economic development in the context of a poor state economy since the Great Recession. The town has been investing in infrastructure, addressing developer concerns, and proactively working with location scouting consultants has benefited Newtown as we added $2.5 million in new tax revenue over the last four years.

The main benefits of regionalization will not be in spending savings through shared purchases, though that is important and should not be overlooked, rather it will be on the revenue side. Connecticut does not have county governments. Will and I have discussed how Newtown is just one town, but together with regional groups like our COG and CCM we can be a louder voice in Washington and see more of our federal tax dollars being reinvested here in our community.

Will intends to continue to control our spending, reduce our reliance on debt, and continue growing our grand list within the character of our community. He has the experience to hit the ground running day one, and to fight back to protect our funding if the state is in the same situation with the next budget.
November 7, please join me in supporting Will Rodgers for first selectman.

As always, my comments are my own and not on behalf of the Legislative Council, of which I am a member.

Ryan Knapp
11 Jeremiah Road, Sandy Hook         November 1, 2017

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