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NMS Jazz Band Ranks Platinum At State Fantastic Festivals Adjudication

Published: May 27, 2017

The Newtown Middle School Jazz Band earned a platinum rank after performing at the Fantastic Festivals statewide adjudication on May 19.

NMS music teacher and Jazz Band advisor Mark Mahoney explained the adjudication process as, “We perform for a panel of judges. The judges are usually college professors or esteemed well-known educators.” The band is then ranked and scored.

The NMS Jazz Band participated in three adjudication events this year. The Fantastic Festivals adjudication events began April 28 and continue through June 2. The NMS Jazz Band performed for the festival on May 19 at City Hill Middle School in Naugatuck. The events are held throughout the state, according to the Fantastic Festivals website.

Mr Mahoney said ranking begins with the highest score of platinum, then gold, silver, and bronze. This was the third year in a row the NMS Jazz Band earned the platinum rank at the Fantastic Festivals adjudication, according to Mr Mahoney.

At the NMS Jazz Band’s final meeting of the school year on May 22 students were celebratory.

After the Fantastic Festivals adjudication is over the band will also learn how it ranked in the state compared to other bands. As of May 22, according to Mr Mahoney, the NMS Jazz Band was the only one to earn a platinum rank this year.

The band performed Groovin’ Hard, made popular by Buddy Rich; Song of the Rainforest, a traditional African chant; Afternoon, by Pat Metheny; and Café Caliente, by Rich Woolworth.

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