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Newtown’s Dancing & Smiling Traffic Agent Says Farewell

Published: October 11, 2017

Shannon Hicks

    SH_Holick's final day as Traffic Agent -- thumbs up WATERMARKED & REDUCED

    Traffic Agent Kat Holick begins her final shift outside Newtown High School on the afternoon of Friday, September 29.   (Bee Photos, Hicks)


    SH_Holick's final day as Traffic Agent -- waving REDUCED & WATERMARKED

    Holick decided earlier this year that it was time to retire. “Newtown’s Smiling Traffic Agent,” as she has been referred to, made an effort to smile and wave at as many drivers and passengers as possible. When she began dancing to keep warm during cold weather, the traffic agent became something of a celebrity. Stephanie Henss, seen in the roadway on Friday afternoon, has been hired to cover the bus shifts previously covered by Ms Holick. She joins fellow Traffic Agent Chris Harris in making sure buses remain on schedule.  



    SH_Holick final day at Traffic Agent -- Hart, K & S Holick REDUCED & WATERMARKED

    After the final bus passed by and the last drivers were ushered through her work location, Newtown Traffic Agent Kat Holick, center, closed a life chapter. She and her husband Steve were joined for dinner at My Place Restaurant by Valerie Hart, who had launched a gofundme campaign for Ms Holick as a Thank You from fellow residents. “It’s a bittersweet day,” Ms Holick said. “I’ve tried to give everyone a reason to smile. I’ll miss everyone.” Ms Holick had been directing traffic into and out of Newtown High School (mornings and afternoons), Hawley School (mornings) and St Rose of Lima School (afternoons) for four years. She planned to take Monday, October 2, off before going back to work with her husband.