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Newtown Prevention Council Discusses Community Endeavors

Published: November 23, 2012


    Newtown Prevention Council Discusses Community Endeavors

    By Eliza Hallabeck

    After asking Newtown Prevention Council members to share any upcoming events that are scheduled, Co-Chair Judy Blanchard said during its meeting on Thursday, November 15, “Our goal is that we help each other.”

    One upcoming event set for December 3 at 7 pm, is the opening event for a new Parent Corner at C.H. Booth Library supported by the Newtown Prevention Council.

    “I would encourage everyone to come,” said Ms Blanchard.

    During the meeting each member received business cards explaining the Newtown Prevention Council and school district’s Core Character Attributes Tree, for members to share with others in the community. Members also received a business card to share with local parents that includes suggestions, like knowing a child’s friends and their parents, developing a family key word so the child can inform the parent when they need help or are in trouble, and to hug and “sniff” a child goodnight to detect for substance use.

    The Core Character Attributes Tree card, said Public Health Director Donna Culbert, “describes the core character attributes that we want to instill.”

    Ms Blanchard said the cards can be placed around the schools before the holidays.

    Ms Culbert said the members can also encourage individuals to visit for additional information.

    Switching topics, Ms Blanchard asked the members present to discuss possible things the council could support through its grants.

    Since the success of the Newtown Prevention Council’s media campaign this last year, which had posted billboards and advertising, Ms Blanchard said she hopes to continue that the next year. She also asked members to discuss the possibility of funding “Drug-Free Zone” signs.

    The Newtown Prevention Council members shared varying opinions about implementing Drug-Free Zone signs, ranging from holding a design contest to suggesting the signs promote a no bullying zone.

    Ms Blanchard also said another initiative the council will undertake this upcoming year will be to continue its campaign for prescription drug disposal.