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New Streaming Service: Learn What All The Hoopla Is About At C.H. Booth Library

Published: April 7, 2017

Hoopla is the name of the C.H. Booth Library’s newest digital streaming service that went live in March.

The platform comes from the library’s partner, Midwest Tape, and allows users to borrow products like movies, music, audiobooks, e-books, comics, and more with no late fees.

Hoopla can also be conveniently accessed for free at home or on the go all day, every day.

Systems and Technical Services Librarian Kate Sheehan said a differences between this service and other digital programs the library currently offers is that with Hoopla everything is always available.

“You don’t have to check things out and wait for them to be available, which is really nice,” said Ms Sheehan.

Hoopla does, however, put a limit on only allowing a total of three checkouts per month, spanning throughout all the categories.

Video content like movies and television episodes can be loaned out for 72 hours; music albums can be borrowed for seven days; and audiobooks, eBooks, and comics can be rented for 21 days.

One of the unique features of borrowing an item through Hoopla is that there are no late fees. Items will automatically be returned once the rental expires, and if the person is not finished reading a book or using a product, it can be taken out again directly after.

Ms Sheehan said Hoopla will also meet the needs of many patrons who have requested being able to stream movies. The platform has a wide variety of options including classics, documentaries, exercise videos, and educational selections.

In addition to streaming products, items can be downloaded onto a device, making it a desirable service.

Ms Sheehan explained, “The nice thing — if you are doing it on the app — is it downloads to your device, so you play it through the app, but it doesn’t take up your data.”

That way, when listening to an album, the user can click out of the app and continue to listen to the music without it shutting off.

“It has been a really popular service with libraries,” Ms Sheehan said. “Every library we talk to says people love it, and we want Newtown to love it, too.”


How To Access Hoopla

When on the computer, users can go to the library’s website and select Digital Resources. After selecting Audiobooks and E-books the Hoopla link will be listed below. Once on Hoopla’s main page, select Get Started.

Those opening the program on a mobile device can download the free Hoopla app from the app store.

To operate Hoopla, it will request a user name and password be made to create a login. After that is completed, it will ask what library the user is associated with. In the library search bar residents should type in Cyrenius H. Booth Library. The login steps also require an active library card number.

Ms Sheehan says if people have questions they can call, e-mail, or come in person to the library to be walked through how to use Hoopla.

Having used Hoopla herself, to download the Moana soundtrack for her young son, Ms Sheehan is hopeful that people will enjoy the streaming service.

“I think it is going to be a really great service for people, especially because it is so user friendly,” she said.

To learn more, visit or e-mail Kate Sheehan at

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