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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Published: May 17, 2018

To the Editor:

Please share this, so that my neighbors will know how proud and grateful I am to call them my neighbors.

Some of the houses around here are very small. In one of them lives a young mom, who [after Tuesday’s storm] said, “It’s okay; theses lines really are dead. Yes, I’m sure. I’m an electrician.” And we walked together to our homes — she, my kids, and me.

Another electrician in an old-town home said, “My buddy’s coming with his big saw; we’ll get this cleared away.”

And another neighbor’s big red tool chest to keep that old saw running. And the truck with the tow hitch and heavy rope, and headlights burning as men worked into the night.

So, many thanks to everyone who helped clear the neighborhood. My husband, whose 20 minute commute had taken three and a half hours, was able to drive all the way home and not walk blindly in the dark through one and a half miles of fallen trees and wires.

I smiled as I lay down to sleep.

Adriane Graef
Chipmunk Trail, Sandy Hook         May 17, 2018

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