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Mural Completed In Library’s Renovated MAKERS’ Corner

Published: October 21, 2017

Having the right environment can be the key to achieving the utmost creativity in a person. As a mural artist, Sandy Hook resident Toni Miraldi strives to transform once plain walls into works of art that she hopes will be able to bring out inspiration in others.

When the C.H. Booth Library began renovating its chbMAKERS’ Corner this year, an opportunity arose for an artistic logo to be embellished on the walls.

Having volunteered her design work with the library’s Young Adult Council that her daughter is part of, and having utilized its MAKERS’ Corner resources before, Ms Miraldi was excited to offer her mural design work for her local library.

When asking what the library envisioned for the space, she said Young Adult Librarian Kim Weber encouraged her to “Make it about making, but not strictly tech.”

The MAKERS’ Corner is home to not only high-tech gadgets like 3D printers, computers, and toy robots, but also a variety of other items like sewing machines, LEGOs, and magnetic blocks.

Ms Miraldi wanted to have the mural showcase the many facets of creating and decided to incorporate universal images like gears, circuits, and a light bulb into the design.

The mural also has bold, dark-blue font that reads “CHB MAKERS’ CORNER,” welcoming all that enter the room.

After taking measurements of the space back in August, Ms Miraldi submitted her sketches to the library in September and began painting on Monday, October 2.

She worked diligently to complete the mural in just a week’s time, coming in bright and early each day at 8:30 am and staying some days until 6 pm.

On Friday, October 6, the mural was completed, and it has already drawn a lot of positive attention by those visiting the library.

Ms Miraldi hopes the mural and newly dedicated MAKERS’ Corner space will give more people the chance to explore their creativity and discover new things.

“I love the library and encourage people to think of it more than just a place to get a book,” Ms Miraldi said. “They have a lot of resources and a lot of programs.”

To learn more about the chbMAKERS’ Corner, visit or stop by the second floor of the library, at 25 Main Street. For more information about mural artist Toni Miraldi and her company Mural Envy, visit


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