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Middle Gate’s Mix It Up Day Offers Career Day

Published: March 10, 2018

As Middle Gate Elementary School students entered the school’s cafeteria for lunch on February 23, they were assigned to sit at tables where visiting adults waited to speak with them about their careers.

Middle Gate holds “Mix It Up” days to foster new friendships between students, who are randomly assigned seats so they can meet new friends. The latest Mix It Up Day had a special Career Day theme.

At one table Dr Jarek Guzy and Kasia Guzy of Berkshire Veterinary Hospital spoke to students about their work with animals. Nearby, Kurt Vollinger talked about being a sheet metaler, and a few tables away Dr Glen Josphe spoke about being a medical doctor.

“The nice thing about being a doctor is you get to help people,” Dr Joshpe said.

Visitors also spoke about being nurses, police officers, and firefighters, among other professions. As students ate lunch, every ten minutes, the speakers would rotate to a new table. Different volunteers spoke with students at each lunch wave so all grade levels at the school could learn about careers.

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