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Middle Gate School Mixes It Up At Lunch

Published: November 11, 2017

Holding sheets of colored paper in their hands, Middle Gate Elementary School kindergarten students made their way to tables, which had the matching color, at lunch on October 31 to “mix it up.”

Following the colors led students to sit with new friends from other classes or those in their class they may not have sat with yet this school year.

This was the first Mix It Up Day of the school year, and the event was designed to help facilitate new friendships and strengths.

“The reason we did this is so you guys can sit with people you don’t really know yet,” said school counselor Melissa Arsenault at the start of the kindergarten lunch wave.

For lunch waves with older students at the school, according to lead teacher John Sullivan, students found conversation starters on the tables. For the kindergarteners, adult helpers were ready to read riddles and quirky questions and help facilitate the students working together to solve them.

Since Mix It Up Day was held on Halloween, the riddles and questions were themed for the occasion. The adults took turns reading the prepared riddles and each table of kindergarteners worked together to answer it. One question was, “What is a ghost’s favorite dessert?”

One student answered for her table saying, “Booberries.”

Another question was, “Why can’t you tell a skeleton a secret?” The answer, which required some help from adults, was “It goes in one ear and out the other.”

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