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Manfredonia’s Legacy

Published: September 10, 2004


    Manfredonia’s Legacy

    To the Editor:

    I’m sure many parents, students, and individuals are dismayed by the retirement of Mr Manfredonia from the Newtown School District. There is no question he is an excellent administrator and teacher coming from the comments recently published in the paper.

    What I have never forgotten, and probably many others feel the same way, is the fact that Mr Manfredonia was instrumental in forever changing the name of the Newtown “Indians” (God, please don’t strike me dead for such blasphemy) to the Newtown “Nighthawks.” The “politically correct movement” that has permeated our society is something that should be dealt with on a personal level between individuals, and not a belief to be instilled on society by a few – especially educators.

    I’m sorry for the sarcasm, but his next mission in life should apparently be changing the name of the “Washington Redskins.” Then we all can finally sleep with a clear conscience.


    Philip Palilla

    16 Taunton Lake Road, Newtown                         September 6, 2004