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Loyal Servants Celebrated

Published: September 12, 2017

To the Editor:

Two wonderfully inspiring people once passed through Newtown on their journey to heaven.

Dr Anthony “Tony” Borrelli and Deacon Charles “Chuck” Dietsch served the people of Newtown and in their later years, the community of Southbury. Each had prayed for the other on multiple occasions.

Tony had helped bring many, many children into the world while being stationed at Danbury Hospital and during his years on earth introduced many more to a truly “born again” life in the kingdom of heaven. He accomplished the latter alongside his spouse, Elaine, through his loving prayers for healing for the physically and emotionally ill.

Chuck brought the “good news” to our area, first to the people of St Rose church in Newtown, both as a teacher and a preacher, and in his final 20 years, to the community of Sacred Heart in Southbury, where he and his loving wife, Dorne, coordinated the social outreach of that parish. Chuck also was instrumental in the twinning of that parish with a church in Haiti, in the village of Grand Boulage. He would have a life-changing experience during a trip to Haiti, when the January 2010 earthquake struck and buried him under concrete for more than 11 hours.

Each of these two gallant and trusting men were lifted up in two beautiful Liturgical celebrations of life following their passings this past month, along with their families and hundreds of inspired worshippers. I give thanks for these faithful servants.

The Reverend Leo McIlrath, Ecumenical Chaplain
The Lutheran Home of Southbury
990 Main Street North, Southbury         September 12, 2017

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