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Local Photographer’s Collection Examines Rusted Relics

Published: February 14, 2017

DANBURY — A new exhibition of photographs by Tara Tomaselli is on display at Hancock Hall through April 14. The exhibit, which went on display February 13 and is entitled “Transport to the Past,” includes 15 images by the Newtown-based photographer that examine the relationship between past and present.

A public reception will be held at Hancock Hall, 31 Staples Street in Danbury, on Thursday, March 16, from 4 to 6 pm.

Ms Tomaselli’s photographs in “Transport to the Past” depict functional transportation-related objects of the past, after their transformation over time. She tries to show the beauty in things regardless of their current state. Her works capture the rusted relics of bygone eras and the various ways these objects are honored by their owners.

While each object has its own history, viewers are invited to imagine and make their own personal connections to the objects — uniting past with present.

The photographs in this exhibit are all transportation-related. The transportation industry in the United States has had a great impact on our ability to expand, travel, and progress, the photographer points out. The role of the early automobile was to transport from place to place.

“Now many of these steel works of art are parked in fields rusting away, immobile, a stark contrast to their glory days,” said Ms Tomaselli. “Thankfully, a lot of these vehicles and other transportation-related gems are being showcased or displayed in ways that honor their place in history. While they may no longer be shiny and new, there’s a different kind of beauty in their present state. One just has to look deeper to appreciate it.”

This exhibition is part of the Accessible Art program presented by Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut (CAWC). The program is intended to make the work of regional visual artists accessible to new audiences by providing increased exposure through a network of area venues who share in the creative and economic values of working together.

Lisa Scails, executive director of CAWC, said the organization is “delighted that Tara will be showing her collection at Hancock Hall this year.

“It’s another opportunity to enjoy her work and to have access to her unique style of photography,” Ms Scails added.

This is Hancock Hall’s third year as a venue and supporter of the Accessible Art program. Hancock Hall is a privately owned and operated skilled nursing and rehabilitation center. It is the sister facility of Filosa for Nursing and Rehabilitation, first established in 1947. Since that time, both centers have been continuously managed on site by the original owners who for three generations have remained dedicated to providing a uniquely caring and supportive environment for the patients and their families.

Kathy Hehl-Curran, the director of admissions for Filosa and Hancock Hall, said the impact of CAWC Accessible Art presentations on the lives of the residents of the two centers, and those who work there, “has been tremendous.

“I feel that it’s like a traveling ‘museum’ came to delight our community at Hancock Hall,” Ms Hehl-Curran added.

Tara Tomaselli is a fine art photographer with more than 20 years working in the arts industry. Primarily self-taught in photography, she has been professionally exhibiting and selling her photographs since 2012.

The public is invited to visit the exhibition during the reception on March 16, or weekdays between 9:30 am and 5 pm.

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