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Let LOF Use Ball Field

Published: September 29, 2017

To the Editor:
I am not a resident of Sandy Hook; however, my sister has cerebral palsy and does partake in LOF water-skiing activities. It is a great organization and the benefits my sister receives are priceless.

I was pleasantly surprised that the town had provided the Walnut Tree Baseball Field for LOF. It has ample parking, easy access to the lake, and is set back off the street. I was shocked that the site’s use was being opposed.

I attended the Board of Selectmen’s meeting in August and homeowners were upset not knowing when every LOF event/lesson was scheduled. This is a ball field where I would think games are held at all times. I would be surprised if homeowners are provided with team schedules as to when they use the baseball field. I believe their issue with not knowing the LOF schedule is an unwarranted one.

As to a disruption in neighborhood, the LOF dock is set back far. At first, we were able to park near the dock, which provided even more privacy to the neighbors. As to using the parking lot, at any given time there are approximately 20 cars, which I do not believe is a lot, and less than you would see at a baseball game. All do not show up at once, therefore not creating a heavy traffic flow.

The actual event/lessons are quietly and efficiently run. I do not see how any homeowner can say it is a disruption to the neighborhood. If any selectmen were to go to the site during an event, they would see that it is very quiet. The volunteers and instructors take safety as their number one priority for the students and all on the lake. They are trained and have not caused any threat to any other individual on the public lake. So my question is, what are the neighbors’ issues with LOF utilizing this ball field and lake? The ball field is for the public as well as the lake community. Why is LOF being singled-out for having individuals from other towns? The baseball fields welcome out of town teams to play.

At the August meeting, it was recommended that LOF not be given one location for their events, but rather they utilize different locations along the lake. It is a lot to set up for an event, as well as adapt to different locations. This is particularly cumbersome given that the LOF participants are in most cases handicapped. I could understand if there was not a good spot for the organization to utilize land by the lake.

LOF should be allowed to continue to use the Walnut Tree Baseball Field. Homeowners should not be upset that the field is used for recreational programs that do not hinder the neighborhood.

I hope the Board of Selectmen will take into consideration LOF continuing to utilize the Walnut Tree Baseball Field.

Kathy Bodisch
(sister to Theresa Harte who attends LOF events)
862 South Plank Road, Slate Hill, N.Y.         September 29, 2017

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