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Let Freedom Ring

Published: January 4, 2017

To the Editor:

Here is a small sample of facts to consider since Barack Hussein Obama took office in 2009. Across the country, Democrats have lost at a minimum:
• 13 Senate seats
• 64 House seats
• 13 Governorships
• 33 State Houses.

Incredibly, Obama asserts that if he had run against Trump he would have won. The delusion goes further when you listen to his bragging of his accomplishments in correcting injustices perpetrated on the country and world by the sexist, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic white men who have ruined the world. Michelle Obama only thought America was a great country after they elected her husband. And, now that she’s leaving the White House, America will need to contend with a country without hope. These opinions from a couple who were handed everything they ever got on a silver platter by a guilt-ridden white populace.

So, the question now is, what should the conservative, traditional Republicans do in the face of this calamity called progressivism? What should we do now that these enemies of America and freedom have been trounced by people across the country, except for the foreign countries of New England down to Northern Virginia and California?

My answer is we must fight even harder than we did to elect a complete political outsider like Trump. For, while progressivism is down, it’s not destroyed.

This cancer has metastasized into our educational system and our media, producing the kind of lying, effete, panty-wearing, precious, scared little snowflakes we’ve come to regard as “normal” Americans, due to their great numbers on the two coasts. We must take back our schools and universities. And stop depending on the corrupt media for news.

This cancer called progressivism needs to be relegated to the junk pile of history, like communism and Marxism.

Now is no time to let down our guard against this menace and assume they’ve been defeated. They haven’t. Just look at one plan of theirs to destroy the Second Amendment: They’ve now enlisted the pro bono support of some of the country’s largest law firms to fight our inalienable rights to keep and bear arms. To defend ourselves and our families against the criminals roaming our streets due to the progressive view that criminals have been unfairly jailed by white men, only because they’re black and brown. It will now be a much more expensive proposition to defeat these enemies of America in the courts at their expressed goal of disarming law-abiding citizens and turning us all into a nation of sheep.

Now that progressivism is on a downward arc and has the delusional belief that their only problem is “messaging.” That if they only did a better job of communicating their sick ideals they would have/should have won.

Now is the time to deal the death blow to this cancer. We may never again have this opportunity.

Let freedom ring in America. It’s up to you.

Respectfully submitted,
Peter McLoughlin
26 Pleasant Hill Road, Newtown         January 6, 2016

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