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Kindergarteners Experience A Taste Of School

Published: August 25, 2017

Kindergarten students across Newtown arrived at their elementary schools after riding a school bus for the first time, on Friday, August 25.

At Middle Gate Elementary School, parent volunteers and staff were ready to greet students, and other volunteers rode the buses with the kindergartners to act as chaperones and guides. A number of Reed Intermediate School students also rode the buses to offer support and advice for the students.

After making their way off the bus, the kindergarten students were grouped together before heading inside the building.

“Mikey. I just saw Mikey!” one student exclaimed as another bus pulled up to drop off students.

“I know you,” another student said excitedly, greeting a friend.

When asked about the ride, students said the best parts were making friends and having fun.

One student said his favorite part was “Talking to each other.”

Inside the building, the students gathered in the school’s library/media center to meet their teachers. Kindergarten teachers Tanya LoBonia, Melissa Massett, Dori Parniawski, and Dorothy Schmidt introduced themselves to the students, and then the group sang “Wheels on The Bus” and watched a bus safety video.

Middle Gate Principal Christopher Geissler also introduced himself to students.

“Welcome to the Middle Gate family,” Mr Geissler said, sharing that all of the students would have a fantastic teacher and make other friends in the building who would help them learn and grow.

The first day of school in the district is set for Monday, August 28.

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