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Ingersoll Auto Of Danbury Drives Donations To NHS Chorus

Published: October 28, 2017

Ingersoll Auto of Danbury had a line of cars at Newtown High School on October 21 for people to test drive to raise money for uniforms, scholarships, and other items for the school’s chorus group. The event was a Buick Drive For Your Students fundraiser, and for each test drive, money was donated to the NHS program.

The event ran from 9 am until 3 pm, and by 10 am, 32 people had jumped in driver seats. Roughly 20 minutes later the count was up to 44 test drives. Ahead of the event, Ingersoll Auto of Danbury had announced that if more than 100 test drives took place, it would donate $20 per drive. There was no requirement of purchasing a vehicle or being contacted by the dealership unless the test driver chose to be contacted, according to an announcement for the event. After test driving a car, people were asked to answer a survey with three questions.

Along with the line of cars from Ingersoll Auto of Danbury, a food truck — the Firehouse Grill Food Truck from Monroe — was also parked at the high school for the event, serving up grinders, hot dogs, fries, and more.

NHS students volunteered for the day to help direct people. Groups of students also took turns holding signs in the entrance of the school’s parking lot to help direct traffic to the event. Parents also volunteered.

Following the event, Jen Gilbertie, who oversees community partnerships and social media for Ingersoll Automotive, shared there were 180 test drives for the day, for a total donation amount of $3,600; however, Ingersoll Auto of Danbury decided to round the donation up to $4,000.

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