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‘Improving Your Mood’ With Dr Carney, November 1

Published: October 27, 2017

“Before the cold weather, check out this free health talk,” touts an announcement for “Improving Your Mood” on November 1 at 6 pm at Newtown Municipal Center by Dr Shawn M. Carney, a naturopathic physician in Newtown.

Registration is not required. Refreshments will be provided. Dr Carney is with Northeast Natural Medicine, LLC, with offices on Church Hill Road.

According to a recent flyer, “An estimated 15 percent of people will experience depression at some point in their lives.” The doctor will review how dietary and lifestyle changes can improve mood and discuss the scientific research supporting the use of herbal therapies or nutritional supplements for patients with mild to moderate depression, states the flyer.

The program is offered through the Newtown Center For Support and Wellness, and sponsored by the town.

“This time of year, people are more likely to catch a cold or flu, and can do things to improve immunity to ward off infection,” Dr Carney said. And those with mental health issues may have a more difficult time as holidays approach, he said. “This time of year can be tricky for those with family concerns — depression, and seasonal depression, and we tried to time the talk before Thanksgiving.”

Promoting well-rounded diets and exercise, he said, “Exercise can increase endorphins — chemical messengers that make us feel good and are directly increased by exercise,” he said. “And, certainly well-rounded diet” is beneficial, he added.
“Think about what you are putting into your body and how it functions; are you giving it what it needs?” he said.

Regarding depression, he said, “Many people are social creatures,” he said. He mentioned involvement with the community. “Life should have multiple facets. Avoid withdrawing into a depression… be engaged, whether socially, or attending classes, or yoga class,” he said.

His office conducts “a thorough background and history and physical exam,” he said. “And half of what I do is detective work trying to understand what has taken a body out of balance and how to restore it. We are taking time with our patients, and often sending a person for testing,” he said. “It’s a way to get a snapshot to what’s happening inside the body beyond what conventional doctors are doing.”

He feels, “I’ll catch things sooner. We often find person’s insulin levels are off and catch it early.”

What about Lyme disease? “We do a lot with the tickborne illnesses,” he said, which are treated in different ways. Dr Carney uses “combinations of different herbs to fight infections, a detoxification. This is the chronic cases that I am referring to. Often, we diagnosis chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia and often no one tested [patients] thoroughly.” He also treats patients for ADHD, IBS, anxiety, some psoriasis, “a little bit of everything. Anxiety is a big one for nutrients; we have weaned people off antianxiety medicines.”

We are in network with a number of health insurance companies; we do acupuncture and low level laser and specialty diagnostic testing.” He has been in practice in Newtown for nine years.

“I used to be an EMT,” Dr Carney said. “We often need invasive intervention, but so much of modern medicine has taken an invasive approach as routine.” There are other solutions, he said, and insurance companies “are coming around to this and recognize that if they cover services that are proactive rather than waiting for things to fall apart…it costs them less.”

After seeing a family member suffer from type 2 diabetes, he said, “I knew there was more than doctors and pills. That set the stage for me wanting more from the medical system.

Based on a brief bio found at, Dr Carney, graduated with honors as a double major in environmental science and philosophy from Purchase College in New York. He continued to pursue a fusion of these interests by undertaking a career in integrative medicine. He received a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the University of Bridgeport after having worked for several engineering and environmental science firms and serving as a full-time emergency medical technician.

Dr Carney has studied in a wide array of settings, including AIDS Project of Greater Danbury, Casa Hostas Rehabilitation Center of Bridgeport, and with physicians from the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS). Dr Carney is a licensed naturopathic physician in both Vermont and Connecticut, where he serves on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians’ Association.

He lectures widely through northern Fairfield and New Haven Counties on many topics, has published many articles, and has been a featured guest on television and radio programs including CPR Dave and The Natural Housecall on 89.5 WPKN.

Dr Carney employs botanical medicine, nutrition, nutraceuticlals, homeopathy, counseling and physical medicine in his approach to optimizing health. Contact his office for a private appointment at 800-723-2962.

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