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‘I Told You So’

Published: September 13, 2017

To the Editor:

This is basically a letter to complain and say I told you so.

Two years ago we were notified that an affordable housing apartment complex was being considered on Covered Bridge Road. I live on Hillcrest Drive, which is off of Covered Bridge. There are eight houses in our little neighborhood. We went to many P&Z meetings speaking out against this development, and against the destruction of a beautiful covered bridge, the destruction of many acres, concerns over wetlands and excessive added traffic to a road that already becomes saturated with traffic (Route 25), especially when I-84 gets backed up at Exit 9.

Another serious concern is that there is only one way in and out of this development. As a neighborhood, we have been concerned about this even when it was just our eight houses. Now there will be 180 apartments, a church, and possibly a diner, all exiting from one little road. I still fail to see how that is not a safety issue. It is difficult now to turn left out of Covered Bridge into Route 25. My neighbor was hit by someone at that intersection six months ago. There will be a major accident there and everyone will wonder why. I can tell you why — too much traffic and no light.

Looking back, it seems that P&Z already had decided this project was going through. We were assured that care would be taken during the construction as to not disrupt our little road and that we would not be inconvenienced.

That is not happening.

There have been numerous times where my neighbors and myself have been told to wait or have to drive through mud against the brush on the side of the road because trucks won’t move out of the way. And once the Grace Family Church starts their building it will only get worse.

As I said in previous letters, this additional traffic will effect anyone who travels near Exit 9 or Route 25. So if you like company, you’ll be very happy!

Janet McKeown
10 Hillcrest Drive, Newtown         September 13, 2017

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