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Housatonic Valley Waldorf School Eighth Graders Present Graduation Projects

Published: May 11, 2018

Each year, Housatonic Valley Waldorf School eighth graders are challenged to research a topic, create a project, and present the culmination of their work. This year’s Eighth Grade Graduation Projects were presented during a school assembly for students on April 26 and during an evening presentation for parents and community members on April 27.

After the presentation for fellow students on April 26, the eighth graders shared information on their projects. Eighth graders who created projects this year were Arsh Patalia, Matthew Nesto, Nate Lifgren, Riley Whelehan, Tom Bukovsky, Patrick Alvord, Cade Schoenemann, Vaughn Keeney, Diana Wipf, and Jordan Wittmer. The students worked with mentors for their projects, and they are taught by Housatonic Valley Waldorf School teacher Emily Remensperger.

For his project, Cade said he worked to train his family’s dog, Iko, to complete an agility course. Riley studied music production and the history of the field, Jordan learned how to make pasta from scratch, Matthew learned about techniques for tracking and using camouflage, Diana learned about different techniques for printmaking, Tom built a remote control airplane, Vaughn studied photography, and Nate learned about the stock market.

Patrick researched ways to create “energy bites,” which are smaller than energy bars. After completing his research, Patrick created his own recipe. He calls his creation “Bolt Bites.” Through his project, Patrick said he learned about different physical needs for athletes and ways different ingredients support those needs.

Arsh studied artistic activities for differently abled people after being inspired by visiting The Kennedy Center in Trumbull, which offers disability services and programs. Arsh created socks, scarves, and bandanas to sell at Housatonic Valley Waldorf School to raise money for the center.

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